Sending us your files

Most files LESS than 10MB can be emailed directly to:

Files LARGER than 10MB please use one of the following file transfer services or
stop by with them loaded onto a USB drive:

We Transfer or DropBox

If you need any help please do not hesitate to call us! 780.487.2363

Additional details on sending and preparing files

Our preferred file format is PDF, but we can also accept jpegs, tiffs, InDesign, Illustrator, Word*, PowerPoint*, Publisher* and Excel*.

*Please note that any Microsoft Office files should be converted to pdfs prior to sending to us. Once converted to pdf, review it to make sure that it converted correctly. If you are unable to do that, we will convert it to pdf and send it back to you for approval before we will print it.

Here are some key items to check before submitting your files to us:

  • All fonts present in the document must be supplied. If we receive a missing font warning we will not proceed with your order.
    - How to supply fonts?
    For PC users: Create a new folder, either on the Desktop or where you keep your current job file. Then go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts Folder. Highlight the font you need to include and right click to Copy, then Paste it in your new folder. Include the folder on your transfer disk or send the fonts as attachments with your e-mail.
    For Mac users: Create a new folder. Go to System Folder > Fonts. Highlight the font you need and hold down the option key and drag the font to your folder. Include this folder on your transfer disk. Please note that we are PC based so any files created on a Mac need to be converted to pdfs or jpegs.
  • All photos and rasterized graphics (ie. tiffs, jpegs) should be 300 dpi at the finished size.
  • Please supply multi-page documents as single pages, not spreads.
  • A bleed area of 0.125" is required wherever bleed is present in your project to allow for proper trimming and binding. Please make sure that all text is at least 0.125” inch away from the cut line.
  • Always create a copy of your document, fonts and graphics to supply to us. Keep the original files on your system.
  • Always make sure that your files are supplied in the correct colour space CMYK. Be aware that major colour shifts can occur when converting from RGB colour space to CMYK colour space. This is common with Microsoft Office files.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to call us! 780.487.2363

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